IOC Symposium & Show

The Internet of Cars

The Internet of Cars distributed exhibition and symposium was the culmination of the 6ST project, presenting the ideas and technologies that were developed at a series of events across the south of England (see links to right). The title of the symposium 'The Internet of Cars' represented the possible futures that ubiquitous computing may have for new travel opportunities as networked technology finds connections between people, routes and both public and private modes of travel. The symposium brought together academics, transport experts and other interested parties to explore what an Internet of Cars might be like. The touring exhibition featured films, art installations, hands-on demonstrations, mobile Apps and games.


We understand the extent to which behavioural change in transport habits and practices can be facilitated through the creation of a new form of ‘transport network’, based on extending social tablet.pngnetworking principles to transport users.

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Mobile Apps

The project has developed a suite of mobile phone apps for each of the corresponding research contexts. Watch videos and read details of the projects aims, phone-exploded.pngkey findings and outputs.

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The 6ST team comprised researchers from the universities of Southampton, Edinburgh, Salford, people.pngBournemouth and Lancaster.

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