The Accident of Negligence




The Accident of Negligence and The Agency at the End of Civilisation (2014)


Installation, mixed media

Exhibition Dates

31 May – 8 July Winchester Science Centre 10am – 4pm

Number of Visitors

Winchester Science Centre - 22000



The artwork is a real time interpretation of the data of the Internet of Cars project using the number plate recognition system aligned with real time images from one hundred CCTV cameras in the region of South of England.  The installation presents all this as a spatialised audio experience of spoken texts and generative visuals.

The audience engages with the work as observer (of the surveillance and recorded space) looking at 24 screens, a dozen speakers, and a labyrinth of CCTV cameras built as an art installation presented on a plinth.

The artworks makes use of future predictive software while at the same time exploring time from multiple perspectives in what Stanza calls a "Parallel Reality".


We understand the extent to which behavioural change in transport habits and practices can be facilitated through the creation of a new form of ‘transport network’, based on extending social tablet.pngnetworking principles to transport users.

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Mobile Apps

The project has developed a suite of mobile phone apps for each of the corresponding research contexts. Watch videos and read details of the projects aims, phone-exploded.pngkey findings and outputs.

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The 6ST team comprised researchers from the universities of Southampton, Edinburgh, Salford, people.pngBournemouth and Lancaster.

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