Halford and Beard


Router (2014)


Sound piece (19.22 mins)

Exhibition Dates

13 May - 23 May Bridport Arts Centre, 10am - 4pm

31 May – 8 July Winchester Science Centre 10am – 4pm

3 June – 6 July Turner Sims 10am – 5pm

Special Events:

17 May Bridport Arts Centre, Special Screening and Artist Talk 7 - 9.30pm

Number of Visitors

Bridport Arts Centre- 580

Turner Sims - 1800

Winchester Science Centre - 22000



Router is the soundtrack to an imaginary movie which tells the story of a secret 'mobile prison' experiment by a sinister American G4S-style company. The company confines four guys in a van and condemns them to travel the roads of a coastal city in an endless voyage of the damned. Naturally, things go horribly wrong...
The voice-over is by a PR representative of the company who is trying to 'spin' the story of the experiment to dispel all the rumours and conspiracy theories that have developed.


Scenario: Victoria Halford and Steve Beard
Voice: Jane Perry
Original soundtrack: The Caretaker
Running time: 19:22

About Halford and Beard: Halford and Beard make art about accidents.

Our first film, Voodoo Science Park (2009), is about the poetics of accident investigation and was shot at the Health and Safety Laboratory (HSL) in the Peak District. HSL deals with rail crashes, industrial accidents and infrastructure failures.

In September 2013, we received a Leverhulme Trust artist-in-residence grant to research a new film with disaster management scientists at Southampton University. The film is about Paul Virilio's idea of the 'global accident'. It will be shown at John Hansard Gallery between 5 May and 27 June 2015.



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