Internet of Cars Symposium

24 September 2014, University of Southampton

The Internet of Cars distributed exhibition and symposium was the culmination of a three-year research project entitled Sixth Sense Transport and the work of its research team that has developed technologies to help understand the potential for new forms of networked transport. The themes presented in the symposium reflected the researchers' interests in how networked technology can help inform and reveal new opportunities for travel.

The title of the event "The Internet of Cars", represents the possible futures that ubiquitous computing may have for new travel opportunities as networked technology finds connections between people, routes and both public and private modes of travel. To this day, transport systems remain tied to the 19th Century model of clocks and timetables but as the real-time connections between ourselves, our cars, buses and trains are made, we are beginning to see new ways of getting around emerge. The symposium brings together academics, transport experts and other interested parties to explore what an Internet of Cars might be like.


Welcome by John Preston Head of the Civil, Maritime and Environmental Engineering and Science Unit and Professor of Rail Transport at the University of Southampton

Introduction to the Day by Chris Speed, University of Edinburgh and Tom Cherrett, University of Southampton.

Part 1: The Internet of Cars, chaired by Janet Dickinson

Understanding traffic patterns and regular travellers using registration plate data – Dr. Tom Cherrett Senior Lecturer in Logistics and Transport Planning, University of Southampton

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Apps that use the car as an information and object carrier – 'Travelling Treasures' and 'CoGet' – Professor Chris Speed, Chair of Design Informatics, University of Edinburgh

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Intelligent mobility for rural areas: a user-centric approach – Professor John Nelson, Chair in Transport Studies at the University of Aberdeen.

Visualising the Internet of Cars through digital art: Introduction to the Internet of Cars exhibition art works – Helen Sloan, Director SCAN.

Part 2: Understanding travel movement and the role for ubiquitous computing and the scope for connected vehicles – Chaired by Tom Cherrett

6th Sense Camping: Understanding flow and movement in a leisure setting – Dr. Janet Dickinson, Senior Lecturer in Tourism Management, Bournemouth University

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London City Dashboard – visualising flows and movements in London – Dr. Andy Hudson-Smith, Director and Deputy Chair of the Bartlett Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (CASA) at University College London

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Connected vehicles: current trends, future scope, key issues – Andy Graham, White Willow Consulting.

Part 3: Technology to aid transport connections and network management – Chaired by Chris Speed

Making connections and scheduling on the route to school – the Smartphone enabled Walking School Bus – Dr. Sarah Norgate, Senior Lecturer in Psychology and Nichola Street, University of Salford

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Using smartphones and smart sensors to connect Oxfam's donation infrastructure – Dr Tom Cherrett, Senior Lecturer in Logistics and Transport Planning, University of Southampton

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The Smart Streets Hub: An Internet of Things Approach to Highways Maintenance – Professor Nigel Davies, Professor of Mobile Computing, Lancaster University

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We understand the extent to which behavioural change in transport habits and practices can be facilitated through the creation of a new form of ‘transport network’, based on extending social tablet.pngnetworking principles to transport users.

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Mobile Apps

The project has developed a suite of mobile phone apps for each of the corresponding research contexts. Watch videos and read details of the projects aims, phone-exploded.pngkey findings and outputs.

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The 6ST team comprised researchers from the universities of Southampton, Edinburgh, Salford, people.pngBournemouth and Lancaster.

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