The Tourism case study has three primary areas of interest:

1) Concepts of time and mobility.

We aim to better understand how people perceive time in general and if their perception of time changes when they go on holiday. We will examine how different perceptions of time among travellers relate to travel decisions and how better time predictions may affect routine tourist activities.

2) Collaboration.

We aim to evaluate the current level of collaboration (social assistance) at the campsite and assess the scope for adoption of collaborative travel among visitors. Examples of collaborative practices (activities) include:

  • Provision of lifts;
  • Cooperative shopping for various items (food, drinks, camping gas);
  • Cooperative transportation of equipment (e.g. beach gear, BBQ) for fellow tourists;
  • Recommendations about local tourism products and services.

In particular, we seek to understand the barriers to social assistance among tourists and explore solutions which might minimise these barriers thus providing more collaborative opportunities to tourists. We will examine how privacy, safety, security and any other issues affect the willingness of travellers to help or get help from others when on holiday. For example, we aim to better understand what personal information tourists are willing to share and with whom, to provide or accept social assistance from fellow travellers.

Examples of collaborative activities tourists can get involved in are as follows - Lift-share, Congestion and Shopping:





We understand the extent to which behavioural change in transport habits and practices can be facilitated through the creation of a new form of ‘transport network’, based on extending social tablet.pngnetworking principles to transport users.

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Mobile Apps

The project has developed a suite of mobile phone apps for each of the corresponding research contexts. Watch videos and read details of the projects aims, phone-exploded.pngkey findings and outputs.

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The 6ST team comprised researchers from the universities of Southampton, Edinburgh, Salford, people.pngBournemouth and Lancaster.

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